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Dances from Galanta- Kodaly

Dances from Galanta- Performance by Orquestra Filarmônica de Berlim.


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Track-1- Molto Allegro from String Quartet in D Major K. 155 by Mozart

Track-2 Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima by Penderecki

Track-3- Unidentified Piece (Question #6)

Track-4- Unidentified Piece (Question #7)

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Jim Harbaugh has been successful at every level in football. In college at the University of Michigan, he was an All American quarterback. As the leader of the Chicago Youth Barry Sanders jersey Bears and Indianapolis Colts offenses, he was known as a modestly talented but gritty, independent and inspirational quarterback. The son of a coach and Authenitc Authenitc Youth C.J.Mosley jersey White Dan Orlovsky jersey the brother of Ravens head man John Harbaugh, Jim decided when he was still playing Elite Blue Barry Sanders jersey to become a coach himself. In the 90s, Harbaugh served an apprenticeship with the Oakland Raiders, beginning at the bottom rung of the coaching ladder. A gamer and a grinder, he never been afraid of ultra hard work. He Authenitc Mens C.J.Mosley jersey then went on to become the head guy at the University of San Diego, which is not exactly a Division I powerhouse. There, he acquired a reputation of being a game changer and difference maker. The program went from famine to feast.

Harbaugh was then hired to become the head coach at Stanford University. Same deal! The Mens Haloti Ngata jersey team improved dramatically and immediately. The fact that golden boy Andrew Luck Elite Mens Deandre Levy Elite White C.J.Mosley jersey jersey played for him didn hurt, but Stanford was the Womens Barry Sanders jersey alma mater in the early 70s of Jim Plunkett and in the early 80s of John Elway. During those times, Stanford didn achieve Harbaugh Authenitc Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey high level of success.

A couple of years ago, Jim was hired to coach the NFL San Elite Womens C.J.Mosley jersey Francisco 49ers. A team that had won several Super Bowls in the 80s and 90s, their record became anemic during the ensuing decade. Once again, a Harbaugh coached team improved immediately and dramatically. Last season, they came within one win of going to the Super Bowl.

As a student of leadership, leadership coach and former Corporate executive and leader, I infinitely interested in leadership lessons that can be imparted by people from all walks of life. Elite Blue C.J.Mosley jersey Some lessons from Coach Harbaugh follow:

Wherever he has played and/or coached, he has fostered a positive culture. From tight end Vernon Youth Haloti Ngata jersey Davis: love coming to work every day; I know that I do. From tackle Joe Staley: have confidence in this locker room. But part of the culture that Coach Harbaugh is instilling is that we don care what anyone not ON Womens Barry Sanders jersey this team says ABOUT this team. It all about us the guys in this locker room. that leadership effective leadership is about getting people to WANT Elite White Barry Sanders jersey to do what needs to be done, not just to DO what needs to be done. The difference is not hair splitting.

He inspires confidence by his own behavior, not just his words. Coach Harbaugh is a there/done that leader. As quarterback of the Colts in 1996, he played with a broken nose, turf toe, a severely sprained wrist, tendonitis in his ankle and a bruised heel. When he says he expects selfless contribution, he has credibility. His players know what kind of player HE was. He never asks for anything that he hasn done or isn doing himself.

His brother, John, tells the following story: One morning, Jim called Elite Mens George Johnson jersey him at 6am. He had just awakened in his own car in his own driveway. Authenitc Womens Barry Sanders jersey He asked John the time because he couldn remember whether he had just come home from work or was on his way to work. Yikes!

He creates trusting and respectful relationships. Quarterback Alex Smith, a first round draft pick in 2005, was deemed to be a bust until Harbaugh became his coach. Jim saw something in Alex, which was quiet confidence and the necessary skills, and concluded that Smith was not achieving his potential. They worked closely together and in 2011, Alex Smith led the 49ers to a playoff run.

authentic, Smith said Womens Deandre Levy jersey of Harbaugh. an honest coach, and he coaches everybody the same way. bond extended throughout the team. Players Frank Gore, Joe Staley, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis followed Jim in lockstep becoming effective locker room leaders by following his example and expectations.

Remember this for your own team: Do as I say; not as I do doesn work for adults any better than it does for children. People, regardless of their ages, follow EXAMPLES more than ORDERS!

Harbaugh demonstrates quiet confidence humility in action. Whenever Harbaugh receives plaudits for his achievements, he deflects the praise and redirects it to his players. After a playoff game: It means that these guys are my heroes, these players. I grew up dreaming of being an athlete. Those guys Elite George Johnson jersey that were athletes were my heroes. I pretty much burned up my childhood days thinking about that. That time has passed me by now, but my Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey heroes are still these athletes. Our guys and the way they play. I just really proud of them. Jim expresses himself in these situations, it genuine, not concocted or contrived. It obvious in his emotion to even casual observers. His players understand the depth of that. My question for you: Wouldn you rather have enthusiastic volunteers working for you than people going through the motions? Which type do you think Harbaugh players are?

He conveys a message that is consistent, heartfelt, and resonates with his players. When he sees his players tired and weak during training camp, Harbaugh tells a story about his childhood years being raised by his parents (his dad, Jack, was also a football coach) in cramped homes and constantly moving, which is not unusual for a coach family. On occasion when Jack saw his sons getting a bit because of their nomadic circumstances, he would look at John and Jim and ask the following question with his usual verve, he would ask, it better than us? They would answer with a loud, enthusiastic tells this story in a measured, modulated, matter of fact way, and then repeats his father question for his tired team, has it better than us? They answer It a reminder that they should feel honored to be in their circumstances as NFL players living their dream!

terms: Each team has four chances or “downs” to Youth Alex Goligoski Jersey either. For quarterbacks who want a competitive advantage over their opponents, Dub Maddox shows, how to throw a football using Authenitc Green Alex Goligoski Jersey playaction. Premier Black Shawn Horcoff Jersey Maddox reiterates throughout the Authenitc Authenitc Tyler Seguin Jersey Erik Cole Jersey tutorial the importance of set, show, snap, Premier Jason Spezza Youth Alex Goligoski Jersey Jersey and sell when learning the handoff Men Jason Spezza Jersey of the football. With a step by step live action Youth Bobby Smith Jersey tutorial and real Authenitc Black Tyler Seguin Jersey game Premier Green Premier Black Tyler Seguin Jersey Alex Goligoski Jersey examples, Maddox Premier White Alex Goligoski Premier Black Tyler Seguin Jersey Jersey shows ,how the four key steps are used in games. Those four key Authenitc Green Jason Spezza Jersey terms provide the foundation of mechanics that Men Bobby Smith Jersey a quarterback must exercise on every run play if he or she Authenitc Alex Goligoski Jersey wants high percentage throws. To be the best at the Madden NFL video game, you have to be willing to get advice, but not just any old advice. professional advice. To beat everyone, you have to be ruthless and Authenitc White Shawn Horcoff Jersey know all of the strategies and gameplay tricks. To master Madden 08, check out this quick, football game, video tip from Madden Nation (EA Sports and ESPN) with video game pro Steve Williams (or Coach or Authenitc Black Neal Broten Jersey The Old Skool Gamer)
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