The Organization

The Role of the Cathedral City Band Boosters, Incorporated

The Cathedral City High School Band Boosters (CCHSBB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide financial and physical support to the directors, students and families of the CCHS Band Program. Our purpose is to support and supplement the quality of the total band experience for all enrolled band students. The Band Boosters of Cathedral City High School are a dynamic, highly organized, dedicated group of parents, volunteers, and community members interested in promoting, and maintaining interest in the Cathedral City High School Bands. This vital organization pledges to support the CCHS Bands by: (1) planning and staffing band events as volunteers offering both their time and talents, (2) strategize and implement fundraisers to assist the CCHS Bands with supplemental financial aid, (3) encourage the development of community in both students and parents, (4) encourage musical and personal excellence in our students, and (5) foster Lion’s Pride. The Band Boosters meet monthly, and are governed by a set of bylaws and are registered and incorporated with the State of California. This group extends an open invitation to any and all parties concerned to join the endeavors of this influential organization. Your participation through annual program donations, fundraising, and volunteer activities is necessary to provide our students with the quality program that makes the Bands of Cathedral City High School an award winning educational experience.

Parental involvement has been cited as the number one factor for success in a child’s musical endeavors. For parents of band students, there are many opportunities to show your support by attending concerts and performances, Back To School Night, and by getting involved in the CCHS Band Booster Organization. We encourage all of our parents to become involved in one of the many opportunities to volunteer in our program.

It is the parents’ responsibility to maintain a reasonable and effective relationship with both their student and the teacher to maximize the benefits of the educational experience.

There are many ways that you can stay connected through with the CCHS Band Boosters:

1. The CCHS Band Insider – Our Quarterly Newsletter (In print and online).

2. CCHS Band Booster Meeting Minutes (In print and online).

3. Email “Strikes”.

4. Archived Meeting Minutes and Newsletters (Available At The CCHS Band Booster Link On The CCHS Band Website).

CCHS Band Boosters, Inc. Is A Volunteer Organization

Membership in the Band Boosters is open to all band parents, and community members interested in promoting the cause of the CCHS Bands. The leadership of the Organization is provided by an Executive Board of Elected Officers drawn from our membership, as well as Coordinators. Meetings are held monthly for all parents, and your presence at these meetings is critical in providing all of the necessary support to our success. The CCHSBB handles many expenses and covers reimbursements.

Your Participation as a Volunteer – Priceless

There are many ways you can volunteer your time and talents in support of the Cathedral City High School Band Program. The officers and committees of the CCHS Band Boosters count on the active support of volunteers to keep our programs and activities successful. Here are a variety of ways you can help support Musical Excellence:


Fireworks Booth

Stardust Coordination/Food Booth

Band-O-Rama Staffing/Setup/Teardown

Band Car Wash

Garage Sale Donations/Staffing/Setup and Teardown

Band BBQ Assistance

Marching Band Activities

Band Camp Snack Donations (Fruit/Granola Bars/Bottled Water)

Game Day and Competition Field Assistance

Potluck Dinner Donations

Snack Donations For Competitions & Away Events

Sewing Colorguard Flags

Band Uniforming Assistance (Hemming/Sizing Uniforms)

Securing Marching Band Senior Game Boutonnières

Equipment and Trailering To Competitions and Home Events

Band-O-Rama Assistance

Band Booster General Assistance

Publicity For Band Events

Band Awards Assistance





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