Band Booster Officers

President – Treese Pflum

Vice President – Melanie Sorenson

Secretary – Karina Quintanilla

Treasurer – Diana Hanley/Gabriella Bounds


Jaime Garcia

Maria Avila

Manuel Flores

Elaine Vogt

Band Booster Coordinators

Melanie Sorenson - Band Meals Coordinator 

Gali Leyva/Kirk Sorenson – Equipment Coordinators

Jaime Garcia- Props, Equipment Management

Elaine Vogt/Treese Pflum – Uniform and Flag Coordinator

Diana Hanley - Information Coordinator



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1. Levi This name is extremely popular right now. Especially since actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife named their baby boy Levi. It is an ancient form of “Matthew” and Elite Womens George Johnson jersey literally means in Hebrew, “Gift of God”. This is a very, very popular Christian name right now Mens George Johnson jersey because of the meaning and because Elite Mens Deandre Levy jersey of the celebrity ties.

2. Jeremiah This is an ancient name that has recently come back into popularity as times chance. It is from the Hebrew translation of “Yirmeyahu” and Elite Womens C.J.Mosley jersey it means “God will Authenitc George Womens Deandre Levy jersey Elite Blue Barry Sanders jersey Johnson jersey raise up; God will set free”. Many couples have voted this as Elite Barry Sanders jersey one of our most beautiful names for a boy.

3. Aime This is a boy’s name and it comes from ancient French. It is the male version of the female name “Amy”. It Elite White Barry Authenitc Youth George Johnson jersey Sanders jersey means literally, “loved”. It is pronounced (a Elite Kids Barry Sanders jersey MAY) and is very popular at the moment. If you are expecting fraternal twins of different genders, it may be cute to think of Aime and Amy for their names.

4. Jacob It is the male version of the female “Jacoba” which are both popular at Authenitc Womens Barry Sanders Elite Kids Dan Orlovsky jersey jersey the Elite Kids Deandre Levy jersey moment Elite Kids Barry Sanders jersey too. They both mean “Supplanter; held by the heel”. There is no particular affiliation with this name and God other than Jacob was in the Bible. He was the third patriarch of the Jewish people whom God made a covenant with.

5. Lazarus This is another ancient name regaining in popularity. It comes from ancient Hebrew and it means “God is my help”. If you have a strong faith and you feel that this phrase suits you, then you may want to consider Elite White Deandre Levy jersey Lazarus for your newborn boy.

6. Malin Do you not know the gender of your baby yet? Malin is a name that is gender neutral meaning it can be used by both sexes. It is Hebrew and it means someone of Magdala, Authenitc Womens Barry Sanders jersey which is a city from ancient Israel. It is assumed that Mary Magdalene is named so because she is “Mary from Magdala”.

7. Elijah This name has been gaining popularity for a male baby ever since the 1970s. With NFL Quarterback, Eli Manning named from the Hebrew, Elijah it is popular not only among Christians but among sports fanatics too. It means “My God is the Lord” from a Hebrew translation.

These are just some of our most popular Christian Baby Names. We have a full list of Christian Baby Names and Meanings that is perfect for an expectant Christian couple who wants to name their child with ties to their faith. If this is you and your spouse then you may want to check out our full list of all of the names and special meanings.

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