Band Boosters

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule 

ALL Meetings Begin At 7pm. Executive Board Meetings Are At 6pm On Each Meeting Date.

Wednesday – September 5, 2018

Wednesday – October 3, 2018

Thursday – November 7, 2018

Wednesday – December 5, 2018

Wednesday – January 9, 2019

Wednesday – February 6, 2019

Wednesday – March 6, 2019

Wednesday – April 10, 2019

Wednesday – May 1, 2019

Wednesday – June 5, 2019

All Meeting Times are at 7 pm, unless otherwise noted.
All meetings located at the CCHS Bandroom.

Note: 2018-2019 Meeting Times Subject To Change.

The Band Boosters of Cathedral City High School are a dynamic, highly organized, dedicated group of parents, volunteers, and community members interested in promoting, and maintaining interest in the Cathedral City High School Bands. This vital group of people plan and staff events, strategize fundraisers, assist in outfitting and supporting the marching band, and aide the Director of Bands in a multitude of tasks and areas. The Band Boosters meet monthly, and are governed by a set of bylaws and are registered and incorporated with the State of California. This group extends an open invitation to any and all parties concerned to join the endeavors of this influential organization.

An ongoing aspect of the Band Booster Organization is pursuing new areas of impact for the CCHS Bands. The Band Boosters are encouraged every year by our students drive to pursue musical excellence without excuse, and it is the hope of the Band Booster Organization to attain the same level of excellence as our students. To that end, the Band Boosters are always seeking new areas of parent involvement and influence. The Band Boosters operate from a Team Concept – everyone doing a small part to enhance the music education of their child and the other student musicians of the CCHS Bands.

It is the belief of the CCHS Band Boosters that all individuals have talent, and all people can contribute. There is no cost to become a member of the CCHS Band Booster, all we ask is that you purchase a Band Booster polo shirt – and come prepared to make our Band Program the best it possibly can be for our students!

Band Booster eScrip Fundraiser!

(CCHS Bands Group ID #154010341)

eScrip — the hassle-free way to support the band through your everyday purchases. Visit eScrip and sign up online or download, print, complete, and send in this form: eScrip Sign-Up

Band Booster Bylaws Download:CCHS Band Booster Bylaws

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