Jazz Band


Known as the “Royal Jazz Band”, the Cathedral City High School Jazz Band is a performance-oriented ensemble specifically designed for serious, and dedicated musicians by audition only. The primary goal and function of the Jazz Band is to introduce students to a wide array of jazz literature at the highest level; while also giving them knowledge to delve further into music at Cathedral City High School and beyond. The Jazz Band is often contracted to perform at local community events, corporate functions, weddings, dinner dances, and has often served as the highlight performer at resort events and corporate functions across Southern California. The jazz band performs over 15 “gigs” per year. The Jazz Band also performs in concert yearly at Cathedral City High School, holds a yearly concert at Disneyland, and at jazz festivals across Southern California. The CCHS Jazz Band has garnered a reputation as being one of the finest jazz bands in the Coachella Valley. The CCHS Jazz Band has performed in collaboration with The Archipelago Group, and has been featured on local radio and television. In 2008, the CCHS Jazz Band released its first professionally produced compact disc entitled “Cathedral City Collaboration” with jazz artists Buddy Greco and Lezlie Anders. Additionally, the Jazz Band has held yearly clinics with professional jazz artists-in-residence.

The Annual CCHS Royal Jazz Band “Tour” To  Disneyland…Through The Years….
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Jazz Band Performance Recordings For Potential Clients:

01 CCHS Jazz Band – Jumpin At The Woodside


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