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Cathedral City High Bands Office
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Mailing Address: CCHS – Bands
69250 Dinah Shore Drive
Cathedral City, California 92234
Bandroom – Room 815, Unified Arts Wing (800 Corridor)


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Tamworth criterium rejig no worries for Spokes ON Sunday Tamworth riders rode in cheap ray ban outlet a few criterium events with a difference as organisers decided to change it up a gear. Mitch Carrington leads Darren Taylor and Sam Spokes in a recent A grade crit. Carrington was leading the way in a Newcastle Kermesse last Saturday. Photo: Barry Smith 141214BSA16 John Clissold took out B Grade from Michael Foster and Adam Jollife, with Peter Nash winning C grade from Malcolm Nash and Ann The second event was a mystery lap format where riders would ride ten laps before a number between one and ten was drawn out of a hat for remaining laps, with race tactics very important and dependent on the number of extra laps. Again, Spokes took out the A Grade from John Frieberg and John B Grade was won by Malcolm Ellicott with John Clissold and John Nash behind, and Peter Nash took out the double with a win in C Grade from Olivia Saunders and AnnIt wasn’t the only success Olivia Saunders tasted over the weekend, taking out the U13s 11km Kirmesse race in Kurri Kurri on Saturday. Spokes placed fifth in the 77 km Elite Men’s A grade race, while Graham Lewis, who is now based in Maitland but still rides for Tamworth Cycle Club, was fifth in the Men’s E grade. It has been a good season, Tamworth Cycle Club president Ray Griffin said, of the criterium racing. “We’ve had good numbers and a few new members riding as well,” wholesale ray ban he said. “The racing has been very good, very quick and we’ve fake oakleys outlet also had different types as well. “So all that has been pleasing. “Now we head onto the road racing season after Easter.” The Tamworth club has also celebrated another national representative this year, with Tori Saunders winning a berth in the Australian women’s junior team to ride in the World Junior Track Championship in Kazakhstan later in the year.

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Clicker Dog Training Your Cocker Authenitc Kids Dan Orlovsky jersey Spaniel 

Behavior and basic commands are easily learned by your Cocker Spaniel with clicker training. Highly rated because it is a gentle and sensitive method, which is what Womens George Johnson jersey you need for Authenitc Youth C.J.Mosley jersey Elite Blue Barry Sanders jersey Cocker Spaniel training. It is very effective and impressive for controlling and dictating your cocker behavior. Clicker dog training your Cocker Spaniel will speed up the process of teaching your dog basic commands and tricks. Once you get the hang of the clicker it will take very little time to master this technique.

The clicker training system is very easily learned by your Cocker Spaniel Mens Haloti Ngata jersey as it learns to associate commands and can hear up to twenty yards away. It the goal of the training to spot Mens George Johnson jersey desirable behavior and the reward the pup with the sound of the clicker. This is the key factor in Authenitc Kids Deandre Levy jersey clicker dog Authenitc Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey training your Cocker Spaniel.

It important to know that clicker dog training seldom starts with a clicker. You must first teach your dog that the clicker is a reward for good behavior. A two dollar Authenitc George Johnson jersey clicker and bag of treats is all you need to get started.

There are a number of reasons why the clicker is important to use in Authenitc Blue Deandre Levy jersey the instance. To start with, a dog will never hear that clicker for any reason other than to tell them they did a good job and that a treat is on Youth Haloti Ngata jersey the way. Verbal commands alone might be given in certain situations. However, the relationship in the dogs head may not be strong Authenitc C.J.Mosley jersey enough. With clicker training, your cocker will associate the behavior you wish Elite Deandre Levy jersey to mark as desirable.

How Clicker Dog Training is Done

Here are three basic tips to start your clicker dog training your Cocker Spaniel so that the dog will respond to the clicker. Behavior is Elite White Barry Sanders jersey first get your dog to do something you deem desirable. It can be anything like simply sitting; rolling over doing or a trick you want to teach. Reward you dog after the sound of Authenitc Womens Barry Sanders jersey clicker with a reward. Elite Mens George Johnson jersey This should only be done after the dog has performed the desired behavior.

Your dog will quickly learn the behavior it did to earn a treat and start repeating it. The reason clicker training works so well is because the dog will respond quickly to be rewarded while the command or trick is being instilled in their minds. Verbal commands might take a little more time.

Once the dog has done the behavior and received their reward, continue doing Elite White Deandre Levy jersey it to reinforce the behavior as much as possible. It is not necessary to give a treat every time. Eventually praising and letting your dog know what a good Mens Barry Sanders jersey it is and heavy petting will replace the treats.

Transitioning to a Command

It important that the behavior is learned well by the dog Authenitc Youth Barry Sanders jersey before transitioning to a verbal command. Only then will you be able to give a command and get the response you want without the clicker. Whenever you are about to use the clicker, say the command, Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey allow the dog to perform the behavior and then click, followed by the reward. The Cocker will quickly learn to associate all three.

Eventually, with good clicker dog training, a dog will respond to a verbal cue and praise for their action and then they will simply learn it. The need for treats or praise will be gone and the dog will simply know that the action pleases you.

There are many applications for clicker training. For example, agility trainers have been using clicker training for many years. Training your dog is much more effective and easier is many ways. You can reinforce nearly any action with a command or hand signal you can mark.

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