Color Guard

Cathedral City High School Color Guard

Tiana Bretz, Instructor               Tino Camarena, Instructor

CCHS Color Guard Mission Statement:

We are the Color Guard of Cathedral City High School. We are one unit of the band but also a unit that is unique in it’s own way. We are the visual aspect of marching band, which incorporates flag work, dancing, and other visuals. Our goal as a group is to be just that; a group. Teamwork and support are our number one goals whereas our second is to be a breathtaking visual corp in the band. We will have pride in all that we do whether it be on or off the field. We will take pride in our school, our band, our actions, and ourselves. We will be loyal to all of those who help us and support us throughout the season and our lives. We will take responsibility for our words and actions in this program, school, and in all aspects of our lives. We will have respect for those we work with, those who have come before us, and those to come after. We will give support to anyone who needs and will always be willing to give no matter the circumstances or conditions. We will also be amiable to any and everyone who we may come across because it builds better relationships and a better working environment. We will stay true to these expectations because we are the Color Guard of Cathedral City High School and will always belong to this program.




Exemplar Guard Videos:

Riverside Community College “Live At The Sands” Performance @ RCC – 2012

Riverside Community College “Live At The Sands” Performance At CCHS Band-o-rama – 2012

Colorguard Links:


Winterguard International

Air Blade Instructional Videos:

Spins into toss

Spins Right and Left


Additional Photos For Web Posting:

If you or your parents have pictures of the guard that you would like to have posted on the web site, please email the photos to

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A view under the microscope reveals neuron loss, beta amyloid peptide, and neurofibrillary tangles formed from deposits of tau protein of our current knowledge of Alzheimer’s.

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