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CCHS Bands Legacy…..The following former CCHS Bandsmen are now performing with their  respective University Bands And Music Programs:

  • Reysa Talavera- College of the Desert
  • Sebastian Lopez- Riverside City College
  • Luis Galindo- UC Irvine
  • Frida Avila- UC Irvine
  • Anelis Romo- Oregon State
  • Kaylie Barron- Oregon State
  • Patrick McGihon- University of California, Los Angeles
  • Gaby Garcia- Cal State Fullerton School of Music
  • Samantha Hanson- Grand Canyon University
  • Ashley Fazio- Mt. San Antonio College
  • Viviana Martinez- University of Hawaii Marching Band
  • Jose Medina- College of the Desert
  • Rene Valdez – University of Memphis School of Music
  • Adrian Tamez – California State University Long Beach
  • Jose Silva – Riverside City College School of Music
  • Jiovanni Guzman – Redlands School of Music
  • Solomon Worlds – University Of Iowa School Of Music
  • Kevin Salas – USC
  • Amanda Eversz – North Texas University School of Music
  • Amy Muhlek- California State University -Fresno Marching Bulldogs
  • Nadia Lopez – UC Santa Cruz School of Music.
  • Isaac Leyva – UC Riverside School of Music.
  • Frank Bosch – College Of The Desert Music Program.
  • Arquin Abaya – Cal State Fullerton School Of Music.

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