Symphony Band Jury Information

Cathedral City High School Symphony Band

Jury Information 2017-18 Concert Season Jury Information

Mini Jury Policies:

  • Students are to take their mini-jury on their assigned section day. Any missed mini-jury will equal a zero and non performance (see course syllabus).
  • Conflicts with mini-jury schedules due to illness or school sanctioned activity must be addressed with the director of bands.
  • Students are responsible for having ALL requisite materials upon entrance to mini-jury. Failure to arrive adequately prepared will equal a score of a zero. Please see course syllabi for required materials.
  • The metronome is important! Failure to play with-in a given metronomic framework will equate to a zero score.
  • A score of a 75 or less on any portion of the mini-jury will equate to a zero for the entire jury and therefore non-performance.

Full Jury Policies:

  • All Students are to provide copies of their full jury literature for the entire jury panel.
  • All mini-jury policies apply to the full jury assessment.
  • Technique is a mandatory portion of the full jury in both semesters.
  • Background information about the composer or etude book/literature to be performed in the full jury is a requirement prior to performance.
  • The dress for the full jury is performance dress (Tuxedo/Concert Dress).
  • A fully filled out assessment form will be in use for the full jury. Lesson faculty will complete the “Lesson Information” section of the form for final scoring. Students with poor private lesson scores (“C” or below) will be removed from the course.
  • Students who will be performing accompanied juries will be informed at the beginning of the semester. Those students must provide copies of the score for the jury panel.


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