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a high priority for assessment with respect to the environment, it did not meet the criteria for GPE or IPE, and neither did it meet the criteria for high hazard to human health based on classifications by other national or international agencies for carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, developmental toxicity or reproductive toxicity. Therefore, this assessment focuses principally on information relevant to the evaluation of ecological risksScreening assessments focus on information critical to determining whether a substance meets the criteria as set out in section 64 of CEPA 1999. Screening assessments examine scientific information and develop conclusions by incorporating a weight of evidence approach and precaution.[1]This final assessment includes consideration of information on chemical properties, hazards, uses and exposure, including the additional information submitted under the Challenge. Data relevant to the screening assessment of this substance were identified in original literature,

of the original schedule. When completed early next decade, ALMA will have a total of sixty six antennas (with the option of further expansion) provided by partners in North America, Europe, and East Asia. The first European antennas, produced under the auspices of the European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO) are scheduled to begin arriving early this year. The ALMA Project is a partnership between the scientific communities of East Asia, Europe and North America with Chile. First North American antenna accepted by ALMA. Picture taken at the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF). Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO) ALMA will be the leading astronomical instrument for observing the cool Universe the molecular gas and dust that constitute the
Wholesale jerseys from China building blocks of stars, planetary systems, galaxies, and of life itself. ALMA will operate at wavelengths of 0.3 to 9.6 mm. At these wavelengths, a high, dry site is needed for the telescope to be able to see through

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