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million in revenues. Eight schools each receive full shares of $25.6 million for 2014 15. And that’s not counting an individual deal like the $15 million that Texas gets annually from ESPN for the Longhorn Network. West Virginia and TCU, as third year members, are getting a million or two less than the $25.6 million, but they get a full share next year. You think West Virginia and that crazy rifle shooting, coonskin cap wearing mascot regret leaving the Big East/AAC in their rearview mirror? Not for a minute. The Big 12 is the poor Power Five cousin compared to the SEC. At its spring meetings, the SEC announced it had increased
Cheap NFL jerseys revenues from $292.8 million last year to $455.8 million this year. The conference’s year old television network and the College Football Playoff contributed mightily to the jump. The SEC is dishing out $31.2 million per school. As Manuel stepped on a plane from Miami bound for Hartford on Friday night following the conclusion of the AAC meetings in South Florida,

World’s largest near death experiences study Recollections in relation to death, so called out of body experiences (OBEs) or near death experiences (NDEs), are an often spoken about phenomenon which have frequently been considered hallucinatory or illusory in nature; however, objective studies on these experiences are limited. In 2008, a large scale study involving 2060 patients from 15 hospitals in the United Kingdom, United States and Austria was launched. The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study, sponsored by the University of Southampton in the UK, examined the broad range of mental experiences in relation to death. Researchers also tested the validity of conscious experiences using objective markers for the first time in a large study to determine whether claims of awareness compatible with out of body experiences correspond with real or hallucinatory events. Results of the study have been published in the journal Resuscitation and are now available online. The study concludes:

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