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CCHS Symphony Band selected as featured ensemble at the 2017 California State Music Educator’s Convention in San Jose!

The CCHS Symphony Band is one of only two high school wind ensembles in California chosen to perform at the 2017 CASMEC music convention in San Jose, February 16-19, 2017. CASMEC is the largest conference of its kind in the Western United States, and features clinics, lectures, and performances by some of the most respected names in music toady. This is a huge honor for our band to participate!

CCHS Symphony Band chosen as State-Level winner of 2016 Mark of Excellence Award by The Foundation for Music Education!

The Foundation for Music Education is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to the advancement and support of music education through scholarships and other worthwhile projects. The Mark of Excellence Award recognizes outstanding middle and high school music ensembles who are adjudicated by some of the leading collegiate music educators in the world. CCHS Symphony Band was the ONLY California band to receive this honor! This is the 4th time the band has been honored with the Mark of Excellence recognition (2008, 2009, 2013, 2016).

The Bands Of
Cathedral City High School

In their 27th year of music making, The Bands of Cathedral City High School are performance-level ensembles specifically designed for developing, serious musicians. The primary goal of the CCHS Band Program is to introduce students to the varied wind band repertoire at the highest level possible; while also providing them with knowledge to delve further into the study of music both at Cathedral City High School and beyond.

The Bands of Cathedral City High School perform locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally. The CCHS Band Program has performed in such prestigious performance venues and locations as The Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia), Carnegie Hall (New York City), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), Symphony Hall (Chicago), The Kennedy Center (Washington D. C.), St. John’s Smith Square (London, England), Heidelberg Castle (Heidelberg, Germany), Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte (Paris, France), Holy Trinity Church (Stratford, England), the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California), Disneyland Resort, Hawaii,  and San Francisco.

The CCHS Marching Band has performed in parade live on national television three times since 2005. The CCHS Symphony Band is a 4-time recipient of the Mark of Excellence Wind Band Honors for California (2008, 2009, 2013, 2016). Additionally, the CCHS Symphony Band was selected by the California Band Director’s Association as a feature ensemble for the 2017 CASMEC Convention in San Jose, and in 2008 at the CBDA Convention in Fresno. In 2015, Cathedral City High School was named one of the nation’s “Best Communities for Music Education” by the NAMM Foundation, in support of excellence in music education.

The Cathedral City High School Bands consist of the Concert Band, Symphony Band, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Winter Drumline, Winter Guard, and the “Royal Regiment”—the CCHS Marching Band and Color Guard. The 200-plus students who participate in the instrumental music program reflect every background, academic pursuit, and scope of the student body at Cathedral City High School.

The Five Traits Of The CCHS Bands:





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